Guide for linguistic inclusion of migrants

INTELLECTUAL OUTPUT 1 – Guide for the linguistic inclusion of migrants

This guide will be produced for people and institutions working in the field of immigration and refugee reception. This publication, which will be open and available through different channels of dissemination and which will address the challenges and solutions in the integration of these groups, can function as a vade mecum in the tasks of different groups: language teaching professionals or volunteers, non-governmental organizations and national and supranational public institutions.

The Guide for the linguistic inclusion of migrants can be consulted and downloaded from the following links:

Multilingual Course: A step forward

INTELLECTUAL OUTPUT 2 – Multilingual course: A step forward / Un paso adelante / Einen Schritt voraus / Un pas en Avant / Un passo avanti / Um passo adiante
A multilingual course will be developed for immigrants/refugees groups who already have a basic and instrumental level of the host language but who have difficulties in communicating effectively and pragmatically. In other words, these courses (in Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and English) aim to achieve a good sociolinguistic and intercultural integration, beyond the linguistic rudiments they already possess. The courses, virtual and open, will be hosted, on the one hand, in an own youtube channel and, on the other hand, in a repository located in the project’s web-platform. Providing also self-evaluation tools, the use of all materials will allow potential users to improve their skills and abilities in general and in their performance and daily interactions in particular.